1. Word of Mouth is your most powerful marketing tool, so engage your staff! They are the number one point of contact to all of your customers. Make sure they know about the app and are communicating that with every conversation.

  2. Give an Incentive. You want your customers to use your Tap2Order application. One way of doing this is to offer an incentive to those that do. We believe you know what your customers want, things like loyalty points or priority payment. Appeal to this with the help of Tap2Order Message Of The Day and Upsell options.

  3. Add value to your sales. When a customer places an order, they type in their name. Don’t waste this opportunity! Write their name on their order and use it when they pick it up. If they're a new customer, introduce yourself. This is a fantastic opportunity to build your customer relationship and loyalty.

  4. Put up Posters - we have a range of posters and POS material ready for you. Make sure you print them out and put them up around your store. Passers-by will see this as well as all of your regulars.

  5. Tie in Tap2Order - if you have an existing website, be sure to make your Tap2Order capability well known. Using the Tap2Order smartphone web app is as simple as visiting the address using the Smartphone browser. So there's no need to download or install anything! For customers it's as easy as browse, order and you're done!

  6. Knowing the Competition in your area is important for you. Understanding where their customers come from and why they hang out there will help you customise your Tap2Order point of difference to appeal to them.

  7. Socialise your Business. Does your business use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter? If not, you should, these are great ways to keep your customers informed. Tap2Order lets you tie in these services so they’re presented on the main app screen, making it even easier for customers to know what your business has to offer and what’s coming up!

  8. Finding New Customers - if you’re close to a train or bus station, print out your Tap2Order marketing cards and have someone head down there to hand them out. People will soon see how convenient and efficient it is for them. You’ll have new customers in no time and business will be booming!

  9. Celebrate your milestones - encourage your customers to use Tap2Order by having milestones for your app. One way of celebrating your milestones: when you reach every 500 orders think about offering freebies to those lucky customers.